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Laugh so you don't cry

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Brave New Girl




May 7th, 2008

(no subject)

The people that I've met in small towns and big cities across this country understand that government can't solve all our problems, and we don't expect it to. We believe in hard work; we believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance.

But we also believe that we have a larger responsibility to one another as Americans, that America is a place, that America is the place where you can make it if you try, that no matter how much money you start with or where you come from or who your parents are, opportunity is yours if you're willing to reach for it and work for it.

February 13th, 2007

(no subject)

So I think I might go crazy. I'm snowed in. I can't even go to WalMart or the gym. I can't handle this, I have to be able to move and be mobile. Yeah classes were cancelled and I didn't even have to go to work, but I can't take it. I'll loose my mind by the end of the day if I don't get to leave this apartment to at least go to the gym, Nick's, or Rekko's. AHHHHHHHH

February 4th, 2007

(no subject)


The torpedo/assassin/bad ass mother fucker Bob Sanders


And two of the most amazing people in the world Tony Dungey and PEYTON MANNING!!

Eat that all you critcs that said the Colts and Manning weren't good enough. We're SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!

January 21st, 2007

I have to say....

GO COLTS!!! :)

January 11th, 2007

(no subject)

It's only the first week back and I feel like I'm going to die already. There needs to be about 5 more hours in a day. I'm only getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night and then the days are nonstop. Already! I haven't even got into my projects or anything else. I don't know where those are going to fit in. This semester is going to be ridiculous...15 credit hours of classes that have endless amounts of projects and group projects, 25 hours of work a week, a goal to work out every day, and I have to try and balance a social life and try and see my family sometime. Right now I can't even find a place to live for next year and that is taking up way too much of my time. I hate BSU houses and apartments. But I'll get through...I'm just already expecting an emotional breakdown at some point this semester.

The sad thing is this is probably what the rest of my life will be like. I'm definitely a career woman now and I want to have kids, so that will be even worse.

You know what really annoys me though about the whole time thing; when people who have time make you wait and waste your time. I haaaate it. That happens to me all the time and just annoys me to no end.

And I'm babbling about nothing. I need to stop.

But...what is this with more troops going over to Iraq??? IT'S NOT WORKING!!!! It didn't work in Vietnam or Korea. And all this self righteous stuff about spreading democracy and we had to capture Saddam Hussein because he's such a horrible person is bull shit. The first reason we went in there is because of 9/11...when they had nothing to do with 9/11 (or anything we can find). Then it was "weapons of mass destruction". Where the hell are those? And now we have to spread democracy to the Iraqi people. blah, blah, blah What about almost every single country in Africa? They go through hell every day. We're not over there trying to overthrow their governments. We give them food and money, but not enough. You know why we're not over there more...they don't have oil. I believe the only reason we're in the Middle East is because of all the oil. And all the big oil company assholes don't want to look into other forms of fuel because they want MONEY. And I admit I kind of thought we should go to war after 9/11 and all of that...but 9/11 was 2001. It is now 2007. Admit that we were wrong and back out with some dignity, try and let the Iraqi government figure themselves out. This is all about money. So people are dying because of money. But I guess that happens every single day. And if anyone reading this thinks I wouldn't support the troops and blah, blah...I DO. I have a very special person in my life that is a freakin Ranger. One of the toughest and hardest part of the military. I support them whole heartdly, I just don't support the reason their over there or their Commander in Chief.


Ok...I'm done. I just had to get some stress out. I'm generally still a happy person, promise. :)

January 7th, 2007

(no subject)

It's 2:41 am and I'm back at my apartment. I never update this anymore and I probably always say that everytime I actually update.

I already miss my little dog. :( My sister came over for the night though, so I'll get to see mom or dad tomorrow. I'm not ready to go back to class, but at the same time I am because that means I'm one step closer to graduating. And then I can move! Even though I'm scared to death to be completley by myself...but I'll worry about that when the time comes.

In my life I've been excited about...getting a 3.5, having a good winter break (after Christmas was over), being 95% sure social work is what I want to do with my life, the Colts game today (yesss our defense was GOOD for once), the fact that there are now liberal people ruling Congress :), it's a new year, and yeah...

Nothing exciting has really happened in the world of Nicole except that I caused some drama on New Year's. But I can say that alochol was a huge factor and I made amends with the people I pissed off/hurt. All except for one, but I tried and I probably should have dumped him about 3 years ago.

New Year...hopefully a year of good changes and a year of new possiblities. Maybe even Nicole having a little bit of a love life? That would be a huge change.

Anyway...that is all. Maybe I'll update sooner than later next time.

February 5th, 2006

The Counting Crows are my new obession.

And why did I not go to IU instead of Ball State? I ask myself that question everytime I go to Bloomington. It is sooo much better than Ball State, so much more liberal and laid back. I love it. Except if I went there I would more than likely be a huge partier, I'd get myself in way too much trouble. I went to Urban Outfitters for the first time while I was down there. Fell in love with it. And there were 2 more stores that I really, really liked, just can't remember the name of them. Bloomington is pretty much amazing. The landscape is beautiful, the people are friendly, there's a lot more things to do, and it's just better than Muncie. Oh well, can't transfer now.

This weekend was pretty fun. I spent way too much money, but I got a lot of good stuff. Probably did some things I shouldn't have, but hey it was fun. :) The best part would have to be when Matt got a flat tire and it took 5 guys to change the tire when Hil and I were freezing our asses off. Jer specificaly called his friend Austin to come and pick Hil and I up and take us back to his apartment, but Austin decided he would stay and "help". Oh, it was a ton of fun, let me tell you what.

I got a whopping 3 hours of sleep last night, it's great. Hilary drove back today because I was so sick of driving and super tired. I'm really not sure how I'm still awake right now. I kept falling asleep at Rekko's when I was trying to watch the Super Bowl.

I'm ready for next weekend already. I have to do a bunch of ESA shit this week because it's Spring Rush. I'm not doing ESA next year. I joined because I thought we were actually going to volunteer at different things and actually do community service. Yeah, we basically just give them some money for charities. It's bull shit and I don't want to spend my free time and their stupid events. I might skip tomorow and Tuesday. I have a lot of homework that I have to do tomorrow and tuesday I'm going home to see my grandad and my puppy. Same goes for Thursday and Friday, my cousin will be at home, so I'll probably miss ESA crap then too. I should have never joined a sorority, even though it's a service one, it's still not for me.

Nick has no clue about his suprise birthday party. I can't wait to decorate for it! Rekko and I can't decide how to decorate. If you've read this entry this far do you have any theme ideas for a 21st bday? I think I want to bake him a cake too, haha

One more thing... I think my crush has thrown me a loop hole. I'm a little confused...

January 15th, 2006


How did the Colts loose today? HOW?!? How could they have so many chances and screw it up. Or should I say HOW COULD PEYTON SCREW IT UP SO MANY TIMES? I just bought a Manning jersey yesterday, but I wonder if I could take it back and exchange it for a Harrison or Stokley? AHHHHHHH

January 14th, 2006


I just saw my puppy!!!

Mom and Em went over to PetSmart today so me, Ash, Ames, and Kate went over to see her. Oh I love her!

January 12th, 2006

Get healthy...

All right, I'm slowly killing myself. I gotta work on getting healtheir. I NEED to work out and eat right. So I'm on a mission and I hope that this time it will really stick. I found out that online all of BSU's food has nutrition info, so I'm gonna study that likes it's my job. I've got about 4 people that are willing to work out with me, so I gotta bug them and myself to go run or go to the gym 5 days a week. I'm taking fitness walking this semester so for 2 days a week I'll be walking around 40 minutes besides the normal walking. Hopefully if I don't buy junk food I won't eat it. I just have to be really, really strict. In the past I've always been like "well, if I just eat it this one time..." Yeah, that NEVER works. I end up eating and eating and eating. I'm going to try and reward myself on weekends or something by splurging on one meal. But that has to be AFTER I've lost about 15 lbs. I gotta limit my alcohol intake too. Especially beer...not good for you.

My goal is to loose 30-40 lbs. That sounds like a lot, but trust me I need to. I can't believe I let myself get this way. I hate looking in the mirror.

So...if any of you that live around me and read this and you see me eating something that is not healthy, YELL at me.

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